​Standard Features

  • Rugged, submersible enclosure fulfills IP68 enclosure requirements.

  • The quick-connect sensor can be easily removed and interchanged in the field without requiring recalibration.

  • Up to four 2100 Series flow modules can be networked by stacking and/or extension cables.

  • Modbus output interface


  • Portable or permanent flow measurement for CSO, SSO, I&I, SSEs, CMOM, and other sewer monitoring programs

  • Shallow flow measurement in large and small pipes.

  • Wastewater treatment plant influent, process, and effluent flow measurement.

  • Stormwater conveyance and outfall (sunshade required)

  • Irrigation canals and channels (sunshade required)

Options and Accessories

  • Landline and cell phone communication options

  • TIENet™ 350 Area velocity sensor configured for submerged flow or redundant in-stream measurement

  • Sensor mounting kits and street-level retrieval tools​

​For a full list of product specifications, see the datasheet.


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