​Standard Features

  • Sealed Area-Velocity sensor resists fouling by oil and grease. Streamlined shape sheds debris.

  • Choice of standard (10 ft) and extended (30 ft) level measurement range.

  • During the program’s operation, flow, velocity, and level values are viewable on the sampler's LCD display.

  • Level and velocity data stored in the sampler are available for later retrieval, reporting, and graphing using Teledyne ISCO Flowlink® software.


  • Accurate open channel flow measurement without a weir or flume

  • Pretreatment Compliance

  • Stormwater Runoff Monitoring

  • Permit Enforcement

  • Sewer Flow Monitoring

  • Combined Sewer Overflow Studies

  • Inflow and Infiltration Studies

  • River and Stream Gauging

Options and Accessories

  • Choice of Standard and Low Profile Area Velocity Sensors.

    • Standard Sensor is recommended for larger pipes and turbid flows with high concentrations of suspended solids and entrained air.

    • Low Profile Sensor is recommended for shallows flows, typically down to 1" (25 mm).

  • Teledyne ISCO mounting rings make it easy to install the area velocity sensor in round pipes, manhole inverts, and other open channels.

  • Teledyne ISCO Street Level Installation Tool​ to install monitoring system from ground level, eliminating the costs and hazards of confined space entry.​

For a full list of product specifications, see the datasheet.


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