​Standard Features

  • ​Spring-tension ring holds sensor securely in the sewer even in high-velocity flow

  • Multi-section installation pole is easy to transport and assemble to length required

  • Mounting for Area Velocity Sensor does not require a separate sensor carrier           

Options and Accessories

  • Mounting Rings (includes straps)

    • for 6" (150 mm) diameter pipe - PN# 60-3204-014                     

    • for 8" (200 mm) diameter pipe - PN# 60-3204-015                     

    • for 10" (250 mm) diameter pipe - PN# 60-3204-016                     

    • for 12" (300 mm) diameter pipe - PN# 60-3204-017                     

    • for 15" (380 mm) diameter pipe - PN# 60-3204-018​

​For a full list of product specifications, see the datasheet.


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