Standard Features
  • Rugged, submersible enclosure meets NEMA 4X, 6P (IP68) environmental specs.

  • Chemically resistant epoxy-encapsulated sensor withstands abuse, resists oil and grease fouling, and eliminates the need for frequent cleaning.

  • Replaceable high-capacity internal desiccant cartridge and hydrophobic filter protect sensor reference from water entry and internal moisture.

  • Pressure transducer vent system automatically compensates for atmospheric pressure changes to maintain accuracy.

  • The quick-connect sensor can be easily removed and interchanged in the field without requiring recalibration.

  • Up to four 2100 Series flow modules can be networked by stacking and/or extension cables.

  • Software features:

    • Secure data storage. All data are continuously stored in flash memory to protect against loss in case of power failure

    • Easy to upgrade. New operating software can be downloaded into non-volatile flash memory, without affecting stored program and data.

    • Records and stores input voltage and temperature data.

    • Variable rate data storage lets you change the data storage interval when programmed conditions occur. This feature assures maximum information about an exceptional event – such as an overflow – while conserving power and data capacity during normal conditions.

    • 38,400 bps communication provides speedy setup and data retrieval.


  • Portable and permanent-site AV flow monitoring for inflow and infiltration, capacity assessment, sewer overflow, and sewer studies.

  • Measures shallow flow is small pipes. Low-profile velocity sensor minimizes flow stream obstruction, and senses velocity in flows down to 1 inch (25 mm) in depth.

  • Stack modules you need to build a compact, integrated system.

  • Monitor multiple flow streams at the same time.

  • Obtain redundant measurements to guarantee integrity.

  • Remotely locate modules and connect them via cable.

  • Expand your monitoring system as your requirements evolve.

Options and Accessories

  • 2101 Field Wizard - ruggedized keyboard and display stacks on 2100 system

  • 2102 Wireless Module - adds 2-way spread spectrum radio communication for remote data retrieval without manhole entry

  • 2103 Modem Module - adds telephone (land line) communication for remote data retrieval

  • 2103Ci CDMA Cellular Modem Module - adds cellular communication using Serial Over IP technology (with Flowlink Pro software)

  • 2103Gi GSM/GPRS Cellular Modem Module - supports 3G GSM "pushed data" (with Flowlink Pro software)

  • 2108 Analog Output Module allows easy interface with SCADA/DCS or other secondary instrument systems​

​For a full list of product specifications, see the datasheet.


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