​Standard Features

  • Digital communication between sensor and flow module makes it immune to RF interference.

  • Sensor deflector plate resists condensation.

  • Minimal deadband in level measurement.

  • Chemically resistant (PVDF) sensor package.

  • Modular, stackable design snaps together with other 2100 modules to quickly create application-optimized configurations.

  • Software features:

    • Variable data storage rates can automatically be switched when conditions vary

    • Communicates at 38.4k baud for speedy setup and data retrieval.

    • Easily upgradeable. New operating software can be downloaded into non-volatile "flash" memory, without affecting your stored program or data.

    • Rollover memory with variable rate data storage lets you change the data storage interval when programmed conditions occur.

    • Secure data storage. All data are continuously stored in “flash” memory to protect against loss in case of power failure. 

    • Records and stores input voltage information to let you know when to change batteries.


  • CSO, SSO, I&I, cMOM, SSEs, Sewer flow monitoring.
  • Open-channel flow measurement with or without primary devices.
  • Redundant level measurement in combination with Teledyne ISCO 2150 Area Velocity Flow Modules, or other AV systems.
  • Non-contact flow measurement in streams containing harsh chemicals, grease, or suspended solids.

Options and Accessories

  • Direct connect, modem, or wireless communication options let you choose the best data retrieval method for any job.
  • Bracket, suspension, or insertion mounting of ultrasonic sensor makes setup quick and flexible.
  • AC power adapter for fixed sites.​

​For a full list of product specifications, see the datasheet.


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