Standard Features

  • Text-message alarms via SMS (Short Message Service) to a text-enabled phone or pager.

  • Remote control of all sampler functions using a terminal program such as Hyperterminal®.

  • No separate power source required – the modem receives power directly through the sampler’s interrogation connection.

  • Power management (via sampler programming) enables power-up during user-selected times, to extend battery life.

  • Magnetic-mount external antenna.


  • Triggering sample collection remotely, on command.
  • Transmitting alarms to notify that samples have been collected and are awaiting retrieval.
  • Remote data retrieval using Teledyne ISCO Flowlink® software.

Options and Accessories

  • Optional 40 watt solar power system. Will power 6712 sampler plus GSM modem and other accessories indefinitely in most remote locations.
  • Potted antenna in PVC housing, designed to be buried in street for manhole sampling/monitoring applications.
  • Magnetic-mount antenna, for elevated placement to extend range and avoid signal obstruction, e.g., where modem is inside a metal enclosure or steel-framed building.
  • Teledyne ISCO Flowlink software​.​

For a full list of product specifications, see the datasheet.


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