Please see the chart below for an overview of Teledyne ISCO Flowmeter legacy products:​

​Legacy Product Suggested Alternative​ ​ Production End Date
​2103 Modem Module ​2013Ci CDMA Cellular Modem Module​ or 2103Gi GSM/GPRS Cellular Modem Module ​7/15/2014
​2151 Flowmeter
​​2151P Flow System
​accQrate Hybrid Clamp-on Flowmeter ​None
​AD3FM Hot Tap Velocity Profiler None​ ​12/31/2019
​ADFM Pro 20 Velocity Profiler ​LaserFlow ​3/15/2016
​accQpulse Flow Profiler ​LaserFlow ​8/31/2019
​​4100 Series Loggers ​2100 Series Loggers ​10/1/2010
​4200 Series Flowmeters ​Signature® Flowmeter ​11/1/2015
​710 Ultrasonic Flow Module ​For integrated flow monitoring with 6712 and Avalanche samplers, consider the 720 Submerged Probe Flow Module, 730 Bubbler Flow Module and 750 Area Velocity Flow Module. Teledyne ISCO samplers will also interface with the Signature Flowmeter and the 2100 Series Flowmeters. ​8/17/2012​​
​3010 Series Flow Transmitters ​Signature meter with 310 ultrasonic ​1/1/2021​