​Whether you're looking for an upgrade from your old sensor, or facing hazardous flow monitoring conditions, Teledyne ISCO has a solution for you. Introducing LaserFlow, the only non-contact flow measurement device to read below the surface. The LaserFlow® device can be programmed to take a velocity m​easurement at single or multiple points below the water's surface. We also offer our intrinsically-safe LaserFlow Ex, specifically designed with safety in mind. For applications within the United Kingdom requiring certification by The Environment Agency, LaserFlow is designated MCERTS Class 2​.

DuraTracker® is a flow meter lik​e no other.

The DuraTracker is the most efficient and reliable flow measurement solution on the market today for a wide range of open channel flow measurement applications. It supports flow measurement technologies including non-contact laser area velocity, submerged Doppler area velocity, and ultrasonic. The intrinsically safe DuraTracker Ex provides the same benefits while being ATEX certified for use in potentially hazardous environments​.​

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