​Our general recommendations for sampler selection are outlined below. These considerations may be further impacted by the details of your site and the stage of development of your COVID-19 tracking program. For example, at a senior-care residential campus with multiple large buildings where one or more permanent sampler installations may be justified, the project might instead start out with several portable samplers for purposes of initial assessment and method development.

  • For full-size permanent installations requiring refrigeration, consider the 5800 or the highly programmable 6712FR.

  • For full-size permanent installations where refrigeration is not required, consider the 6712 Full-Size Portable Sampler​​.

  • Where portability and refrigeration are both essential, select the Glacier for single-bottle composite sampling. Numerous COVID-19 tracking programs worldwide involving locations upstream of the WWTP are choosing one or both of these two samplers.

  • For sampling inside manholes or other tight spaces, consider the smaller-diameters packages designed for this purpose, such as our very compact GLS composite sampler, or the 24-bottle sequential sampling 3700C, or the extensively programmable 6712C.

For a discussion of additional considerations affecting sampler selection and setup, see the webinar posted on our YouTube channel entitled “Collecting Samples: Placement, Setup, and Programming".

Teledyne ISCO Samplers Quick Summary

Model Portable Max Bottles Refrigerated Weight 
Key Features

Yes 1 Yes 60 Easy transport; accurate sample preservation without reliance on ice or utility power (25 H x 15 W x 24 L in.) Details >
GLS ​Yes 1 No 24.5
Very compact; GLS = Great Little Sampler (26.5 H x 16.5 in. dia.)  Details >
5800 No 24 Yes 195 Heavy duty stationary sampling in municipal and industrial wastewater applications (52 H x 29 W x 33 D in. dia.)  Details >
6712 Yes
24 No 32 Smart sampling triggered by any combination of up to 16 inputs. (27 H x 20 in. dia.)  Details >
6712C Yes 24 No 31 The world's most versatile controller in a package that fits into 18" and offset manholes (27.6 H x 17.7 in. dia.)   Details >
6712FR No 24 Yes 160 Advanced 6712 sampling in our top-of-the-line "FR" refrigerator (49.3 H x 26 W x 26 D​ in.)  Details >​​

The Teledyne ISCO Advantage

Teledyne ISCO is uniquely qualified in the field of wastewater sampling. The world's first automatic water-sample collector, ISCO Model 780, was introduced by Instrumentation Specialties Company in 1972, around the time the Clean Water Act was enacted by Congress. Founded in 1957, ISCO was acquired by Teledyne Technologies in 2004.

Teledyne ISCO's broad range of reliable and versatile samplers are fully supported by a worldwide network of application specialists, each with many decades of experience. Wastewater sampling experts throughout the network, including at the factory level, are readily available to new and existing customers to assist in selecting, purchasing, installing, and properly operating the sampler(s) best suited to the exact requirements of your sampling site(s).​​​​

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