​Standard Features

  • Rugged, submersible enclosure meets NEMA 4X, 6P and IP68 requirements.
  • May be stacked together with up to three other Teledyne ISCO 2100 Modules
  • A variety of factory-available cables allows literally dozens of multiple instrument configuration possibilities.
  • Variable rate data storage lets you change the data storage interval when programmed conditions occur. This feature assures maximum information about an exceptional event - such as an overflow - while conserving power and data capacity during normal conditions.
  • Secure data storage. All data are continuously stored in flash memory to protect against loss in case of power failure
  • Records and stores input voltage and temperature data.
  • 38,400 bps serial port communication provides speedy setup and data retrieval.


  • Capacity assessments
  • I&I, CMOM, SSO and other collection system monitoring
  • Permit compliance and enforcement
  • Stormwater runoff monitoring
  • Non-point source monitoring
  • River and stream gauging

Options and Accessories

Potential variations for interfacing different hardware and software to make up the comprehensive data system you desire are virtually unlimited with the 2105. Input/output choices are shown in the diagram above - and may be enhanced by using available aftermarket converters.

​For a full list of product specifications, see the datasheet.


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