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Service Center

With more than 35 years of experience, the Teledyne ISCO service center is located at the factory in Lincoln NE. Cont​act ​us today (by completing the form below)​ to assist with any of your questions or contact your rep​.​​

Software and Firmware Updates

Teledyne ISCO offers no-charge service updates for PC-based software products. New software versions with fixes and enhancements can be retrieved by downloading the files below.

These files are compressed and are stored in a compressed (zipped) format. Some downloads may also include an informational file of the Software Revision History. This file lists the fixes and enhancements in chronological order by revision number.

Click here to download USB Drivers


Preventative Maintenance kits include all the expendable items needed to keep your pump operating like new including, upper and lower seals, wear ring, lubricants, cooling jacket O-rings. Our custom wrench packages make removing the cylinder and cap quick and easy and are recommended when performing a PM. The wrench packages are not included with PM kits. Below are links for videos and parts to perform the PM yourself or to request an estimate to have a Teledyne-ISCO qualified service technician perform the work for you.

Ha​ve a question (service, support, troubleshooting, etc.)​ for​ our Technical Service team or would like to schedule Preventative Maintenance? Please fill out the form below ​and select the Inquiry Type, and we will be in touch shortly.​​