Webinar: Effectively protect your facility to save time and money.

event graphic How can costly damage to water resource recovery facilities be avoided? How can one efficiently manage the complete treatment processes? How can one get advance notificatio​n and detail on toxic pollutants at the time they appear in influent? How can one best capture representative samples in real time to efficiently analyze a situation and take immediate corrective actions?

Get answers to those questions and more when you register for this 45-minute webinar plus interactive Q&A session, hosted by Teledyne ISCO’s Kaushal Trivedi, Associate Director of Business Development and Product Manager, and Steve McManus, Sr. Product Support Specialist. They will be joined by the SENTRY company’s Jon Grant, CCO, and Vibhu Srinivasa, Sr. Client Manager.

During this educational and technical presentation, these experts in automatic detection and programmed sampling will proactively answer many of your questions. And, you’ll have a special opportunity to ask your own questions specific to your applications.

  • How do I improve processes with limited time and staff?
  • How do I sample when an event happens?
  • How can I improve my treatment to reduce GHG emissions?
  • How can I gain the significant financial rewards of enacting immediate remedies with real-time toxic event detection and automatic wastewater sampling?
  • How can I avoid the need to stop monitoring in order to install equipment replacement parts, conduct routine calibrations and deal with unreliable data?
  • ​How can I trigger collections via an automatic sampler to save time and money?

Protect your plant and reduce risk by knowing early so you can act quickly when you join us for this informative webinar. Register by choosing the time on Thursday, June 27, that works best for you. Thanks for your time. We look forward to speaking with you!​

Thursday, June 27, 2024

EMEA: 7:00am CDT (12:00pm GMT)

Americas: 1:00pm CDT (6:00pm GMT)

Asia/Pacific: 8:00pm CDT (1:00am, June 28 GMT)​​​​​​

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