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Teledyne Isco introduces AQ700 Series Water Quality Multi-Parameter Sondes

 Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lincoln, NE -September 23, 2013 - Teledyne Isco has expanded its comprehensive storm water monitoring system with the addition of the AQ700 series multi-parameter sondes. "The addition of AQ700 expands the storm water monitoring package offered by Teledyne Isco by adding in-situ monitoring of parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity to our sampling and flow monitoring systems," said Angel Luke, Sampler Product Manager for Teledyne Isco. "This provides a package that can be tailored for the monitoring site's needs or expansion of the package when those needs change."

The AQ700 is best suited for applications around Storm Water Runoff, Aquifers, Aqua Culture, Surface Water, and Watershed/TMDL Monitoring. The AQ 700 Series Sondes have up to six different sensors located inside the sonde. These sensors can measure a total of ten possible parameters simultaneously.
• Temperature
• Depth
• Conductivity
• Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)
• Turbidity
• Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in %Saturation
• Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in mg/L
• Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
• pH
• Salinity
In addition to the ten parameters the AQ700 Series Sonde measures, it has the ability to do the following:
• Real-time data displayed on your sampler or flow meter screen, or PC
• Calibration record stored in an internal permanent file
• pH Reference electrode can be rebuilt
• Turbidity sensor w/ built-in wiper to prevent fouling (Model AQ703)

The AQ700 Water Quality Multi-Parameter Series Sonde is just one of Teledyne Isco's many products that are available for your application. With its ease of use, seamless integration with samplers and flow meters, simultaneously measure ten parameters, and durability in the field, these sondes have it all.

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