​Teledyne ISCO Water and Wastewater Upcoming
Trade Shows

Name Date
WEF Collection System Conference 6/4/2019
GAWP Summer Conference 7/14/2019
MWOA 7/24/2019
Tri-States (CA-NV-AZ) 8/6/2019
Region VI Pretreatment Association Workshop 8/6/2019
StormWater Conference 8/18/2019
2019 Regional Water Data Training Workshop (RWDTW) 8/26/2019
One Water Technical Conference 8/26/2019
KSWEA / AWWA 8/27/2019
PNWCWA Annual Conference 9/8/2019
Water Jam 9/9/2019
Okoboji Fall Conference - Iowa Rural Water 9/10/2019
South Dakota Water / Wastewater Conference 9/11/2019
WEFTEC 9/23/2019​

​Recently Attended


Teledyne Isco Water and Wastewater recently attended the 2016 WEFTEC trade show in New Orleans, Louisiana to showcase its latest developments in sampler and flow meter technology. This includes: the DuraTracker and DuraTracker EX, Teledyne Isco's newest line of flow meters; the LaserFlow™, a non-contact flow sensor used in some of the most challenging applications; and the Signature® flow meter, a versatile and expandable flow meter used all over the world.