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Minimizing Pathogen Exposure in Confined Spaces

Live Webinar | Monday, April 6, 2020 | 1:00 PM CDT

Recent events have impacted every aspect of our lives. Avoiding large groups, self-quarantine and the cancellation of events is just the beginning. For wastewater collections and treatment plant operation and maintenance personnel there are other concerns.

Flow streams are inherently dangerous including possible exposure to pathogens. But, as essential workers, we cannot stop measuring flow, or not enter confined spaces when conditions require. So, more stringent safety practices need to be developed.

In this webinar, Rick Dey, Teledyne ISCO Business Development Manager addresses the unique hazards faced by wastewater operations and maintenance personnel and offers insights on how to minimize potential exposure.

By the end of this webinar you will understand the following:  

  • Why wetted sensors are undesirable and what viable alternatives exist
  • Why some municipalities are considering intrinsically safe equipment
  • How cellular communications and web-based software can help collect critical data

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Water Webinar  

Ask ISCO: Vacuum Samplers

Live Webinar | Thursday, October 31, 2019 | 10:00 AM CDT

During this webinar, our industry experts will answer your submitted questions, and take questions live from the audience.

Please submit any questions as they relate to:

  • ​Method of operation
  • Applications
  • Maintenance
  • Any other Vacuum Sampler questions you have

Previous Webinars

Confirming the Accuracy of Open Channel Flow Data​

August 2020: In this webinar Teledyne ISCO’s factory experts explain how to read, analyze, and interpret flowmeter data, how to confirm accuracy, and how to use the advanced diagnostics capabilities of Flowlink software to tune your sensor installation for optimal performance.

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Laser & Radar Sensors for Open Channel Measurement Applications

July 2020: From this webinar you will have a clear understanding of both technologies and the benefits of noncontact open channel flowmete​rs.

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Tracking COVID-19 in Wastewater

June 2020: From this webinar you will be able to identify the most cost-effective configurations for a variety of monitoring points including wastewater discharge, residential sewage, and water treatment facilities.

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Open Channel Sensor Diagnostics

May 2020: In this webinar, Rick Dey and Darrell Kuta, Teledyne ISCO Business Development Managers discuss what diagnostic tools are available with three common open channel sensors. They will show you how to read the story behind your sensors diagnostic data.

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Increasing Safety & Minimizing Exposure with Collection System Flow Measurement

May 2020: In this webinar, John Trofatter, Teledyne ISCO Director of Business Development, and Rick Dey, Teledyne ISCO Business Develop​ment Manager, address the unique hazards faced by wastewater operations and maintenance personnel and offers insights on how to remain safety focused and minimize potential exposure.

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Firmware Updates to Improve Your Performance

May 2020: In this webinar, designed for Teledyne ISCO customers, Darrell Kuta and Steve McManus show you how to keep your Teledyne ISCO firmware up-to-date and why that is important.

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​Preparing for the Wet Weather Monitoring Season

April 2020: In this webinar, Product Support Specialists Dennis McGinnis and Steve McManus, along with Bob Glenn, Regional Manager – Water Platform discuss the steps cities take to prepare for wet weather flow monitoring and how a little extra effort now can help a monitoring program run smoothly.

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​Troubleshooting and Optimizing ISCO Communication Devices

April 2020: Rich Skradski, Teledyne ISCO Regional Manager, and Greg Hazen, Product Support Specialist at Teledyne ISCO, will answer all your questions about modems, their challenges and how to troubleshoot any breakdown in communications.

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​Open-Channel Flow Measurement 101

April 2020: In this webinar, Darrell Kuta, Flowmeter Business Development Manager at Teledyne ISCO, discusses the pros and cons of various open-channel flowmeter technologies and where they are most applicable.

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​Collecting Samples: Placement, Setup, and Programming

March 2020: Product Support Specialist at Teledyne ISCO, Jeff VandeHoef will discuss what to look for in choosing a sampler site and ways to ensure the reliability of your samples.​

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​Measuring Flow in Hazardous Applications

February 2020: Business Development Manager at Teledyne ISCO, Rick Dey, will discuss some of the challenges inherent to hazardous locations, and ways to overcome them.

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Ask ISCO: Measuring Open Channel Flows

January 2020: In this webinar, Teledyne ISCO Business Development Manager, Darrell Kuta, discusses common open channel flow challenges – and provides tips on how to overcome them.


​Ask ISCO: About Vacuum Samplers

October 2019: This webinar will be driven and directed by your questions. During this webinar, our industry experts will answer your submitted questions, and take questions live from the audience.


Hazardous Areas and the LaserFlow Ex

September 2019: Darrell Kuta and Rick Dey will discuss the hazardous areas rating system and how the LaserFlow Ex will reduce exposure risk. You will also learn how to obtain accurate data with minimal maintenance while in compliance with hazardous rated areas.

By the end of the webinar, we will know:
    • What is Class 1 Div. 1 and what areas in the collection system are rated
    • How to ​obtain accurate data with minimal maintenance while in compliance with hazardous rated areas
    • How smart technology can allow users to select appropriate sensor technology for the application​

Speaker: Darrell Kuta and Rick Dey, Key Account Managers, Flowmeter Products

Measuring Flow in Difficult Conditions

June 2019: In many cases where  you thought it was difficult or impossible to measure flow, there actually might be a way. From small pipe to large pipe, slow or fast moving flow conditions, or even clear liquid, there are ways to measure that.
In this webinar, you will learn:
  • ​How advanced laser technology is being used to read velocity in extreme flow applications, such as high and low velocity sites.
  • How smart technology is used to provide maximum flexibility for selecting the appropriate flow sensor for the application.
  • How to measure these flow conditions in hazardous locations.

Speaker: Rick Dey, Key Account Manager, Flowmeter Products


Ask ISCO: Collection System Flow Monitoring

May 2019: In our new webinar segment: Ask ISCO, we want to help you, our valued customers and viewers by answering your questions. We will be hosting a collection systems related Q&A session with our panel of product support specialists, as they hope to answer your questions.​
In this webinar, you will learn:
  • ​Best practices for collection systems
  • Commonly used technologies
  • Installation Do's and Don​t's

Speaker: Steve McManus, Product Support Specialist


Vacuum vs. Peristaltic Pump Samplers: Which is Right for You?

April 2019: We discuss how vacuum samplers and peristaltic samplers function, which applications they are ideal for, and how to decide which type is right for you. These samplers may use different technologies, but they both deliver high sample integrity and preform reliably.

Speaker: Jeff Vandehoef, Product Support Services Specialist

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Efficient Ways to Do Stormwater Sampling

March 2019: We discuss different hardware used for stormwater sampling. We will also touch on methods of communication and necessary power needs. Plus, we will explain ways of preserving your sample in the event of a storm.

Speaker: Dennis McGinnis, Product Support Specialist

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Things to Consider When Using Collection System Flow Meters

February 2019: In our  Water & Wastewater webinar, we will be discussing flow monitoring, and why one would need to collect flow data. We will also discuss methods and best practices for collecting data. Plus, we will introduce you to different types of flowmeter technologies available for reading flow, and which would be best for your unique flow monitoring system.

Speaker: Dennis McGinnis, Product Support Specialist

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ASK ISCO: Portable Sampling

January 2019: In our Water & Wastewater webinar, we will  discuss all things portable sampling, but with a twist! In our new webinar segment: Ask ISCO, we want to hear from you, our valued customers and viewers. We will host a product and application related Q&A session with our panel of product support specialists, as they hope to answer your questions about portable sampling.

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How to Effectively Manage your Collection System Network with Remote Sensors and Data

Trying to monitor your Collection System Network, let alone trying to receive early warnings when problems arise, can be cost prohibitive, and in some cases, just not feasible for the equipment.

In our December webinar, we will discuss how new technology can do that. With a new set of remote data loggers, not only can you monitor in areas you would not normally be able to because of distance, limited communication, or power, but now you get early warnings as well as real-time data. And all within your budget.

What Flow Technology Works When Others Won't

In our Water and Wastewater webinar "What Flow Technology Works When Others Won't," we discussed which flow monitoring systems can improve your difficult applications.

Other topics covered include: flow monitoring basics, unique applications, new third-party accuracy results, and applications where our flow meters worked when no other product would.

What Flow Sensor Works Best in Certain Situations

In this webinar, we cover flow monitoring technologies such as Ultrasonic, Bubbler, and Area Velocity, just to name a few. We will discuss where these products are used, and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of.

LTE Issues and What To Do

Technology is ever changing. The same goes for cellular communication technology. As people demand more from smart phones and other communication devices connected to cellular networks, the networks need to keep pace as well. In this webinar, we'll discuss this changing landscape, some changes that you need to be aware of, and how to be prepared for the future.

Reduce downtime and increase the life of permanent refrigerated samplers

Join us for our webinar on how you can reduce downtime and increase the life of permanent refrigerated samplers. This webinar will discuss what factors you should consider while selecting a sampler including what installation, user care and regular maintenance practices should be followed to get maximum life from your permanent sampler.

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