​Portable Samplers

Portable SamplersAll ISCO brand portable samplers are built to withstand harsh environments​.

  • Vacuum-formed ABS plastic shell withstands exposure and abuse.
  • Twin-wall construction with foamed-in-place insulation maximizes structural integrity along with the efficiency of ice used for sample preservation.
  • NEMA 4X, 6 (IP67) controller rating for submersible, watertight, dust-tight, and corrosion resistant service.



​Sequential Portable Samplers

6712 Full-size Portable Sampler 6712 Full-size Portable Sampler

The 6712 Portable Sampler features a vacuum-formed ABS plastic shell to withstand exposure and abuse. Its tapered design and trim 20-inch (50.8 cm) diameter result in easy manhole installation and removal. Large, comfortable handles make transporting safe and convenient - even when wearing gloves... Read More


6712C Compact Portable Sampler 6712C Compact Portable Sampler

The 6712C compact model gives you the world's most versatile sampler controller in a smaller-diameter package that fits in 18" and offset manholes. Large, comfortable handles make transporting safe and convenient - even when wearing gloves... Read More


3700 Full-size Sampler 3700 Full-size Sampler

The full-featured 3700 Sampler collects sequential or composite samples based on time, flow rate, or storm conditions. It's a great choice if you don't need the sophisticated parameter monitoring and logging capabilities of our 6700 Series... Read More


3700C Compact Portable Sampler 3700C Compact Portable Sampler

Smaller and lighter than our full size 3700 portable, the 3700C uses the same controller. The 3700C will easily pass through an 18-inch diameter or offset manhole. Bottle choices with the 3700C are more limited than with the full-size model... Read More

Composite-Only Portable Samplers

GLS Compact Composite Sampler GLS Compact Composite Sampler

The GLS Sampler is designed for general purpose or priority pollutant sampling in municipal and industrial applications where a full-size sampler is too large. It collects composite samples, based on time or flow intervals... Read More


3710 Composite-only Portable Sampler 3710 Composite-only Portable Sampler

The 3710 Sampler combines simple operation and high volume capacity for single-bottle sampling. It collects composite samples - based on time or flow intervals - in a 2.5 gallon glass or polyethylene bottle, or a 4 gallon polyethylene bottle. Up to 24 sampling stop and resume times can be preset for unattended, automatic sampling... Read More