​Water and Wastewater Case Studies

See the list below for all case studies relating to Teledyne ISCO sam​plers and flowmeters. To narrow your results, use the website search function, or visit a product page​.

​Flow​meter Case Studies

Accurate Flow Monitoring for Billing Applications Case StudyCS10
Alden Lab - LaserFlow Flow Accuracy Certificate
Flow Monitoring in Cooling Water Case StudyCS19
Force Main Flow Monitoring with Complex Hydraulics and Heavy Aeration Case StudyCS06
High Accuracy Flow Profiling in Large WWTP Inlet Pipe Case StudyCS15
High Accuracy Pump Station Flow Monitoring Case StudyCS16
I and I Studies with Isco Flow Loggers Case StudyCS05
Infiltration Study in Sewer Network Case StudyCS21
Influent Flow Monitoring at Wastewater Treatment PlantCS30
Influent Flow Monitoring at Water Treatment PlantCS34
Large-Pipe Monitoring for I and I Surcharge Reductions Case StudyCS09
Monitoring High Flow in Large Channels Case StudyCS24
Monitoring Industrial Effluent Flow When High Turbidity Solids and Fibers are PresentCS31
Non contact Laser System Solves Flow Measurement Challenges at Rzeszow Wastewater Treatment PlantCS33
Remote CSO Water Quality MonitoringCS18
Remote Monitoring of Airport Runoff Case StudyCS17
Remote Monitoring of Water Quality Improvement Case StudyCS20
Stormwater Monitoring Case StudyCS25
Stormwater Monitoring for Nutrient Removal Case StudyCS08
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​Sampler​ Case Studies

4700 Sampler Industrial Park Wastewater Monitoring Case StudyCS04
6712 Sampler Monitoring of Blue-Green Algae in Lake Winnebago Case StudyCS28
6712 Sampler Remote Industrial Wastewater Monitoring Case StudyCS02
Industrial Discharge Effluent Monitoring App NoteCS27
River Catchment Study for Pollutant Load Calculation Case StudyCS22
River Catchment Study for Total Pollutant Load Calculation App NoteCS22
Simultaneous Sampling Throughout a Watershed Area Case StudyCS11
Wastewater Sampling at High Ambient Temperatures Case StudyCS12