​700 Series Modules

700 Series ModulesNow you can collect samples and measure flow or water quality parameters with one advanced sampler. Simply plug one of the 700 Series Modules into your 6700 Series Sampler (including 6712 and Avalanche models) to add the capability you need. These environmentally-sealed modules can be interchanged in the field, and can be added to your ISCO system at any time. The 700 Series Modules bring “Plug and Play” to the world of water quality monitoring!




701 pH/Temperature Module701 pH/Temperature Module

Plug the 701 module into your 6712 Sampler, and place the streamlined stainless steel sensor in the flow stream for accurate monitoring and logging of pH and temperature. Additionally, you can trigger the sampler to collect samples only when a specific limit is exceeded... Read More


720 Submerged Probe Flow Module720 Submerged Probe Flow Module

The probe on the ISCO 720 is mounted at the bottom of the channel, and uses a differential pressure transducer to measure the level of the flow stream. The 6712 Sampler then converts this depth measurement into flow rate. The probe's venting system automatically compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure to maintain accuracy... Read More


730 Bubbler Flow Module730 Bubbler Flow Module

ISCO 730 Bubbler Flow Modules use an internal air compressor to force a metered amount of air through a bubble line submerged in the flow channel. By measuring the pressure needed to force air bubbles out of the line, the water level is accurately determined. The 6712 Sampler then converts this level into flow rate... Read More


750 Area Velocity Flow Module750 Area Velocity Flow Module

The sensor on the 750 module uses patented Doppler technology to directly measure average velocity in the flow stream. An integral pressure transducer measures liquid depth to determine flow area. The 6712 sampler then calculates flow rate by multiplying the area of the flow stream by... Read More


780 Analog Input Flow Module780 Analog Input Flow Module

The 780 Smart 4-20 Module gives your ISCO 6700 Series Sampler the capability to interpret analog data from other equipment that you already own. For example, if you have flowmeters that output a 4-20 mA signal, the 780 Module allows you to use that flow signal to pace your 6700 or 6712 sampler... Read More