​​Work reliably with almost any fluid

Actively controlled pneumatic valves work reliably with almost any fluid. Provides constant volume during switch over; no fluid movement during the opening and closing of valves.

Standard Features

  • Requires pressurized air source at 80-115 psi (5.6-8.4 kg/cm2)

  • Temperature rated at 149 °C (300 °F)

  • Wetted materials: Hastelloy, SST tubing, PEEK, and Chemraz

  • Other materials and temperature ratings available upon request

​Reliable for a wide range of fluids and gases

Actively controlled electric valves are reliable for a wide range of corrosive fluids, liquefied gasses, and volatile fluids. Valves are stem-and-ball, and feature a unique one-way flow path design, for added protection against back flow. Requires interface board internally mounted in the pump controller to operate the valves.

Standard Features

  • No pressurized air source required. Temperature rated at 150 °C

  • Wetted materials: Hastelloy, Inconel, and silicon Nitride​​