Teledyne ISCO selected sole equipment provider for phase 2 of CDC National Wastewater Surveillance System program

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​​LINCOLN, Neb. — ​Teledyne ISCO was selected as the sole provider of wastewater samplers and flowmeters to small utilities across the United States as part of Phase 2 of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s multi-year National Wastewater Surveillance System​ program. In addition, Teledyne ISCO and its local representatives nationwide will provide product training, reference materials and support. 

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is managing the project on behalf of the CDC in a cooperative agreement to provide small utilities with the necessary products and services to perform wastewater surveillance. According to the WEF, more than 250 utili​ties will receive an autosampler and training over the course of the program, which began in 2022.

“We are pleased to provide samplers and flowmeters for Phase 2, in addition to the 150 samplers we provided in Phase 1, to this critical effort to capture and study wastewater generated by communities,” said John Trofatter, director of business development for Teledyne ISCO’s water platform. “Wastewater surveillance is a major tool in determining th​e health and welfare of people in towns and cities throughout the world.”

Wastewater surveillance can be used to monitor treatment efficacy and detect viruses, illicit drugs, microcontaminants and other anomalies in wastewater and played a role in tracking COVID-19 hotspots during the pandemic. Its use is escalating in the detection of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a diverse group of human-made chemicals used in a wide range of consumer and industrial products. PFAS have been linked to cancer, weakened immune systems and fertility problems and are an increasing health and environmental concern. 

In the program application, WEF says, “Participation in wastewater surveillance to date has skewed toward larger, well-resourced utilities. These resources include but are not limited to continuous in-situ monitors and automatic samplers. WEF and the CDC would like to expand the program to a wider array of wastewater treatment plants serving diverse populations.” ​   

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About the Water Environment Federation

The Water Environment Federation​ is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization of 30,000 individual members and 75 affiliated Member Associations representing water quality professionals around the world. Since 1928, WEF and its members have protected public health and the environment. As a global water sector leader, WEF's mission is to connect water professionals; enrich the expertise of water professionals; increase the awareness of the impact and value of water; and provide a platform for water sector innovation.​​​