​What is a syringe pump and its use?

A syringe is a mechanical device that uses a plunger to extract a liquid from one location and move it to another, such as for the application of mass spectrometry. In the laboratory, syringe pumps are used to distribute precisely measured liquids into scientific instruments for experimentation and production.

What are the different types of syringe pumps?

Pumps can have a single syringe or multiple syringes. Primary types of pumps include:

  1. Infuse-only 
  2. Infuse and withdraw 
  3. High-pressure 
  4. Continuous flow independent channels: a dual syringe pump

What are the common problems with syringe pumps?

Because syringe pumps have moving parts, those parts can wear out over time. Many are computer driven, and user error or software problems can occur. 

What is the medical name for syringe pumps?

Infusion pump.

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