High performance normal- or reversed-phase purification of compounds with basic properties

RediSep Gold®​ Amine columns can be used in either normal or reversed phase for the purification of compounds with basic properties. Purification on high-performance amine-functionalized silica eliminates the need to add a mobile phase modifier such as triethylamine as it is often done for purification on normal phase silica, and thus reduces the time required to remove solvent from purified fractions. This smaller, spherical media outperforms standard Flash-grade Amine media.​

Standard Features

  • High flow rates for fast resolution of target compounds

  • Column sizes available for purifying milligrams to several grams

  • RFID technology for automatic set up on compatible instruments

  • Fits all ISCO CombiFlash automated organic purification instruments

  • Long shelf life in airtight, resealable​ packages

  • Luer lock end fittings​

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