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PeriXus: Peristaltic Pumping Comes to Teledyne ISCO

Live Webinar | Wednesday, May 15, 2019 | 1:00 PM CDT

Speaker: Nick Daddabbo - Pumps Product Line Manager

In our next Pumps webinar, we will be introducing our latest pump, the PeriXus! This new peristaltic pump joins our family of pumps, allowing us to offer you a complete pumping solution. We will be discussing the basics of the PeriXus and how it is expanding our pumping technologies into new and exciting fields. Plus, we will discuss what this means for your application needs. By the end of this webinar, we want you to know:

  • The ins and outs of the PeriXus
  • How this peristaltic pump is expanding our pumping solutions
  • What this new pump means for your applications


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The Heart of Reaction Chemistry: Three Different Ways

Live Webinar | Thursday, June 13, 2019 | 1:00 PM CDT

Speaker: Nick Daddabbo - Pumps Product Line Manager


A Broad Line of Pumps for Many Applications

Live Webinar | Tuesday, July 16, 2019 | 1:00 PM CDT

Speaker: Nick Daddabbo - Pumps Product Line Manager


Reactant Feed Processing Pumps - An Overview

Live Webinar | Wednesday, August 14, 2019 | 1:00 PM CDT

Speaker: Nick Daddabbo - Pumps Product Line Manager
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A Discussion on Classic Syringe Pump Applications

April 2019: We will discuss all things syringe pumps. We will cover the basics of syringe pump technology and the main applications Teledyne ISCO syringe pumps have provided solutions for over the years. Plus, we will look at how syringe pumps work in flow chemistry, a hot topic in today's world of processing.

Speaker: Nick Daddabbo - Pumps Product Line Manager



Optimizing Pump Performance for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, or Flow Chemistry Applications

March 2019: In this webinar, we will discuss the major role that pumps play in designing a continuous processing application and how to make sure you select the right one. We will also walk through considerations when picking the right pump for your application. Plus, we will review some special pumps and applications, as some applications do not always need the most common pump.

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Pumping 101: What to Consider

February 2019: In this webinar, we will review the basics on pumping material and what factors to be aware of. We will also discuss different pumping technology, and couple them with the basics of pumping to help ensure you are selecting the correct one. Plus, we will touch on the pitfalls of incorrect pumping system designs.

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Selecting the Right Pump Type for Your Application

January 2019: In our Pumps webinar, we will introduce you to different pumping technologies, and examine the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will also discuss different types of pumping applications and which pumping technology is more appropriate for specific applications. Plus, we will touch on key considerations for choosing the correct pumping technology for your application.

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Precise Dosing for the Plastics Market

In our Pumps webinar, we will introduce you to the capabilities of the Teledyne ISCO family of pumps and how they relate to the Plastics market. It will touch on key examples of applications and how the pump features help with the process. It will also cover what to consider when designing your plastics process or application.

If you are dosing color into your extrusion or injecting CO2 to create foam, the Teledyne ISCO family of pumps can play an integral part in your process. The precise dosing capability of the D-Series can provide the exact amount of material needed consistently. The ReaXus family of products can provide constant flow or constant pressure to assist when you need either. 

A Discussion on Reaction Chemistry and Pumps

In most reaction chemistry experiments, the pump can be considered the heart of the application, without it fluid or material cannot move accurately. Join us for our next Pumps webinar, where we will discuss how accurate flow rates, sufficient pressure, and chemical compatibility are equal to the success of the reaction.

This webinar will cover some of the key points about pumps, pumping types, and how they can fit into a reaction chemistry experiment. We will also speak about key features on pumps that can be helpful for the design of a reaction chemistry process.

Optimizing Pump Performance for Chemical, Pharmaceutical or Flow Chemistry Applications

From sub-microliter to over 400 ml/min, in this webinar you will learn about operational capabilities of our pumps that will improve flow rate performance and reduce pressure fluctuations, along with some tips and troubleshooting tricks. Whether your application is for R&D, Pilot Plan or Production, improved flow performance will produce accurate results and higher quality products.

Pumps - A Discussion on Difficult Applications

In today's lab and pilot settings, space is at a premium and can make designing your application kind of like fitting 10 lbs of material into a 5 lbs bag. Teledyne ISCO has many variations of the D-Series that can help. The recently released ReaXus series of pumps can also assist in this effort. Our September webinar will address many different installations and offer potential product options to meet challenges. You will come away from this webinar with an understanding of our broad product offerings and how they can be used even in unusual installations.

Reciprocating Pumps - A Whole World of Possibilities

Choosing the right type of pumping technology can be confusing when you are looking for a pump to match a desired result in your planned applications. During this webinar we will discuss the many factors to consider when choosing a pump and will guide you through which technology may be the best for your application and budget. Sometimes, some applications require multiple types of pumping technologies to give you the results you need. So, how do you choose which ones?

Reciprocating pump technology seems simple, but can have some difficult parts to understand. Teledyne ISCO has a broad line of reciprocating pumps and during this webinar, we will help you gain a better understanding of this type of pump. There are many factors to consider when choosing a reciprocating pump, along with some of the limitations it may have.

The Most Important Part of Continuous Processing... the Pump!

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle for continuous processing to be successful is the pump. Materials cannot be moved without the use of a pump. Over the last few years, these types of applications have been developed more than batch processing applications. On July 17th, Teledyne ISCO will present an overview on the differences and advantages of these two processes and how the pump is an integral part of the process. This webinar is perfect for customers who are planning to create a continuous processing application in the coming months, along with those who are looking to switch from batch processing in the near future.

Accomplish More with the Demi 2510S Continuous Flow Syringe Pump DemiWebinar.JPG

The Demi 2510S is the latest addition to Teledyne ISCO’s pump offerings. It is a versatile, continuous flow syringe pump which features active valves, a small footprint, and competitive pricing.

After attending this webinar, you will know how to take advantage of the key features of the Demi 2510S, as well as the benefits of implementing the Demi within your organization. Some of the topics that will be covered are system setup, operational capabilities, and special applications. Additionally, we will discuss the use of external control and maintenance procedures.

Syringe Pump Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Highlights details on pump performance, troubleshooting common problems, and tips for problematic applications. Hosted for researchers, operating technicians, and maintenance personnel who maintain syringe pumps. Presented by Mark Hansen, a Teledyne ISCO applications engineer.

Click here for more information on Teledyne ISCO's D-Series Syringe Pumps.

​Four-pump Operation and RS-485 Modbus Remote Control Highlights the latest firmware release from Teledyne ISCO which adds four-pump support and RS-485 Modbus control to the new syringe pump controller. This includes determining if the firmware is compatible with your current syringe pump controller, available options for four-pump programming, the RS-485 Modbus interface and programming options, and how to update you syringe pump controller to the latest firmware. Hosted for syringe pump owners or anyone interested in multi-pump operation. Presented by Mark Hansen, a Teledyne ISCO applications engineer. Click here for more information on Teledyne ISCO's D-Series Syringe Pumps.

How to Set Up Dispense and Gradient Mode Programming

Highlights dispense or gradient mode operation for Teledyne ISCO Pumps. This includes programming and using the dispense mode to deliver precise aliquots of fluid, entering single pump pressure or flow rate gradient programs, remote control of the gradient operation, and system setup and programming of a two pump concentration gradient system. Presented by Mark Hansen, a Teledyne ISCO applications engineer.

Click here for more information on Teledyne ISCO's D-Series Syringe Pumps.