S​yringe Pump Options and Accessories

Options and accessories for D-Series pumps​ allow you to customize your pump to meet the unique needs of your specific application. Most options are available to be retrofitted on-site, or installed in the factory, if your needs change. Contact the factory for assistance with selection and ordering.    ​


Mixer Kit

If you are looking to keep fluids in suspension, maintain the viscosity of a material, or manager a more homogenous flow, you will need to add mixing to your application. When coupled with a Teledyne ISCO Syringe Pump (500D, 500HV, or 1000D) you can also have precise dosing of your material.

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-Air Valves for Single and Dual Pump Systems
-Electric Valves for Single and Dual Pump Systems

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Corrosion and Temperature Control

-Corrosion Resistant Materials
-External 0.1% Accuracy Transducers
-High Temperature Package
-Temperature Control Jacket
-Cylinder Insulating Cover

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Connectors and Converters

-RS232 Connection Cable
-Analog Inputs - Voltage (standard)
-Analog Outputs - Voltage (optional)
-Analog Inputs 4-20 mA (optional)
-Analog Outputs 4-20 mA (optional)


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-Accessory Package
- Service Kit
-LabVIEW Pump Tool Kit
-Piston Seals

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