​Syringe Pump Options and Accessories

Options and accessories for D-Series pumps allow you to customize your pump to meet the unique needs of your specific application. Most options are available to be retrofitted on-site, or installed in the factory, if your needs change. Contact the factory for assistance with selection and ordering.   



Mixer Kit

If you are looking to keep fluids in suspension, maintain the viscosity of a material, or manager a more homogenous flow, you will need to add mixing to your application. When coupled with a Teledyne ISCO Syringe Pump (500D, 500HV, or 1000D) you can also have precise dosing of your material... Read More



  • Air Valves for Single and Dual Pump Systems
  • Electric Valves for Single and Dual Pump Systems
  • Check Valves for Single and Dual Pump Systems
  • Manual Valves


Corrosion and Temperature Control

  • Corrosion Resistant Materials
  • External 0.1% Accuracy Transducers
  • High Temperature Package
  • Temperature Control Jacket
  • Cylinder Insulating Cover


Connectors and Converters

  • RS232 Connection Cable
  • Analog Inputs - Voltage (standard)
  • Analog Outputs - Voltage (optional)
  • Analog Inputs 4-20 mA (optional)
  • Analog Outputs 4-20 mA (optional)



  • Accessory Package
  • Service Kit
  • LabVIEW Pump Tool Kit
  • Piston Seals