Dual-Pump Continuous Flow Systems​

Teledyne ISCO D-Series continuous-flow systems couple two pump modules to a single controller, and use an active or passive valve manifold to provide non-stop, continuous feed of almost any fluid. The controller refills one pump while the other is delivering, using special algorithms to equalize pressure and flow of both pumps. This allows virtually pulseless transition at pump switchover while maintaining accurate flow rate.

Three different valve packages are available to accommodate all types of fluids and specific requirements of your experiment or process.




Air Valve Continuous Flow Systems​

Teledyne ISCO dual-pump air-valve systems work reliably with almost any fluid, including viscous and/or corrosive solutions. The pneumatic, constant-volume valves have no fluid loss or transfer when they open and close. They are automatically switched by the D-Series controller, but... Read More

Electric Valve Continuous Flow Systems

The electric valve package is driven entirely by the D-Series pump controller, and requires no other connections. The reliable stem-and-ball type valve has logged thousands of hours under harsh conditions. Made of Hastelloy C-276 and Inconel 718, these valves can be heated... Read More