Analog Outputs (4-20 mA)

​Analog Outputs 4-20 mA

An optional feature

This device is internally mounted and outputs signals for flow rate and pressure for one pump, but can be expanded to up to three pumps with additional output modules.

Standard Features

  • Female 25 pin Sub-D connector

​Analog Outputs 4-20 mA
​4-20 mA Output for One Pump
​Additional Output Cards

 Analog Outputs (Voltage)

​Analog Outputs - Voltage

An optional feature

Analog outputs can be purchased pre-installed in a controller, or as an upgrade kit.

Standard Features

  • Software -selectable output ranges: 0 to 5 , -5 to +5 , 0 to 10 V
  • Output functions: flow and volume
  • Female 25 pin Sub-D connector

​Analog Outputs - Voltage
​Controller (only) with Analog Outputs
​Analog Output Cards

 Analog Inputs (Voltage)

Analog Inputs - Voltage

A standard, built-in feature

Up to three D Series syringe pumps can be controlled externally with analog voltage for either constant flow or constant pressure.

Standard Features

  • User-selectable ranges of 0 to 5, 0 to 10, and -5 to 5 V.
  • Resolution of 5000 increments per volt.
  • Functions: Run/Stop, flow, or pressure setpoint.
  • Terminal block connections require one wire for ground and one input wire for each pump.


​RS232 Connection Cable

RS232 cable for connecting syringe pump controller to a computer or other device.

​RS232 Cable - Single Controller
9 pin Sub-D to 25 pin Sub-D
​RS232 Cable - Dual Controller
9 pin Sub-D to 25​ pin Sub-D (2)