​Standard Features

  • ProPak bags are hospital clean and made of EPA-approved LDPE plastic that won't contaminate or enrich your samples.

  • Tough, 3 mil construction with the same heat-welded double seams used in medical waste and industrial bags.

  • Teflon or foam-lined screw cap seals bag inside protective holder.

  • Reusable​ bag holders are not exposed to liquid contact.

  • Generous writable area for chain-of-custody documentation.

  • Bags weigh only a fraction of an ounce and require minimal storage space.

  • ProPaks fit any ISCO sampler – portable or stationary – that accepts Isco 1-liter wedge-shaped plastic bottles or a 2.5 gal plastic composite bottle.


  • Eliminate bottle washing and storage costs in municipal and pretreatment sampling.

  • Improve chain of custody tracking with writeable, single-use sample containers.

  • Preventing sample carryover and contamination issues by using a medically clean bag for each sample.​

For a full list of product specifications, see the datasheet.


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