Teledyne ISCO Announces New Website

 Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lincoln, N.E. - February 7, 2017. Teledyne ISCO today announced the launch of its new website. The new site, accessible now at, is a complete redesign of the previous site. The project was completed to provide better tools in response to the changing needs of ISCO’s customers.

“Accessibility is at the heart of our efforts to redesign Teledyne ISCO’s website,” says Michelle McIntire, Marketing Communications Manager. “The new site is fresh, modern, and easy to navigate.”

The site is sectioned into the three major product lines of Teledyne ISCO: Chromatography, Water & Wastewater, and Pumps. Within these three sections, users can find content relevant to that product line, including: products, application notes, case studies, seminars and webinars, trade shows, and more.

Global navigation is now located at the top of the page. The left-hand side panel contains contextually relevant navigation specific to each product line. The new search function explores pages, content, and documents to accurately pinpoint results wherever they are located.

For more information on Teledyne ISCO, visit or call 402-464-0231 / 800-228-4383.

Teledyne ISCO
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About Teledyne ISCO
Teledyne ISCO is a leading manufacturer of innovative products designed to increase productivity while improving the quality of life on our planet. Our standard and customized products are used across multiple sectors including: water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, academia, oil exploration and reactant feed.

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