Verify before you purify with Teledyne Isco's new CombiFlash Rf+ PurIon Liquid Chromatography Instrument


​​​​January 28, 2014 - Teledyne Isco released their newest Liquid Chromatography Instrument, CombiFlash Rf+ PurIon. The CombiFlash Rf+ PurIon takes a major step forward in increasing productivity during the purification process. The PurIon system eliminates the need for secondary post purification fraction analyses. Chemists no longer have to run additional TLCs or LC/MS to determine which fractions contain their target compound.

"Our system offers 'Simplicity' to the end user" said Ronald Lewis, Chromatography Product Marketing Manager for Teledyne Isco. "We have taken what is typically a multi-step procedure and boiled it down to two simple steps. Step one is to verify that your target compound is present and detectable. Step two is to perform the purification and collect fractions based on the target mass."

The demand for the PurIon will be due to the fact that decreases the time required to purify samples. The focus of a synthetic chemist is on their reaction sequence leading to a potentially new product. "By reducing or eliminating the need for further analyses, chemists have more time to devote to their primary task. Further, the simple operation of our system makes training needs minimal," added Ronald Lewis.

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