Teledyne Isco introduces LaserFlow™ Velocity Sensor, a first for non-contacting flow measurement technology for open channels


October 21, 2013 

Teledyne Isco introduces the LaserFlow™ Velocity Sensor, which remotely measures flow in open channels with non-contact Laser Doppler Velocity technology and non-contact Ultrasonic Level technology. The sensor measures velocity with a laser beam at single or multiple points below the surface of the wastewater stream.

"We are very excited about the LaserFlow," said Kaushal Trivedi, Flow Meter Product Marketing Manager for Teledyne Isco, "because it is ideal for a broad range of wastewater monitoring applications. This is a first for Isco and for the market." He adds: "This sensor has versatile configuration options that give the user the flexibility to measure flow in most open channel applications."
Some of the features for the LaserFlow Velocity Sensor include:
• Non-contact velocity and level measurement during normal conditions
• Continuous, uninterrupted flow measurement during submerged conditions
• Single or multiple point measurement below the liquid surface
• Robust, submersible enclosure fulfills IP68 environmental requirements
• No deadband from measurement point in non-contact level and velocity measurements
• No need for manual velocity profiling with handheld meter
• Bidirectional velocity measurement
• Above-ground deployment and removal for increased safety and reduced time
The LaserFlow Velocity Sensor is just one of Teledyne Isco's many products that are available for your application. To learn more about this and other flow meter products, please contact us for more information 800-228-4373 or

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