Teledyne Isco Enters Market with New CombiFlash EZ Prep


April 2, 2015 - Teledyne Isco today announced the worldwide release of their new CombiFlash EZ Prep System, the latest innovation in Flash chromatography. The system allows users to perform flash purifications with the additional benefit of quickly switching automatically to preparative HPLC for a difficult separation. For the first time in the Chromatography market, preparative HPLC is as simple as Flash.

According to Ronald Lewis, Chromatography Product Marketing Manager, "Up until now, the researcher often had to wait for a service group to perform difficult purifications. The CombiFlash EZ Prep System revolutionizes that process, taking just two clicks to switch from Flash to Prep. User-friendly PeakTrak software controls both Flash and preparative LC chromatographic conditions. Additionally, PeakTrak integrates all detector options, including the CombiFlash PurIon mass spectrometer for single point control. This product in the latest system aimed at helping researchers reduce their time to final product."

When the need arises for purification of a mixture, the chemist traditionally has to choose between Preparative or Flash chromatography. This new combination product is the simplest on the market, with the high pressure limit allowing preparative purification runs using particles as small as 5 µm, thus maximizing separating power. "With its quick switch between Flash and Prep, the CombiFlash EZ Prep's excellent performance and affordable price makes it the system of choice for all users."

Teledyne Isco developers merged the Flash and Prep operation into a single system with minimal impact on the overall size of the unit. The system still fits comfortably in any hood leaving ample room for other activities.

For more information on the CombiFlash EZ Prep, contact Ronald Lewis at (402) 465-2076.

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