Teledyne ISCO introduce the BLZZRD, a New Portable Refrigerated Sampler


​​Teledyne ISCO introduce the BLZZRD, a New Portable Refrigerated Sampler

Teledyne ISCO introduces the BLZZRD portable refrigerated wastewater sampler.  BLZZRD's design allows use anywhere you need advanced sampling capability as well as data logging and communication for flow, rainfall and water quality parameters.

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"This is the only portable refrigerated sampler in the US market with active cooling," said Kaushal Trivedi, Business Development Manager for Teledyne ISCO. "The active cooling feature is key because users do not have to use ice to keep the sample cool." He adds: “The BLZZRD can be powered with AC or DC input so auditors can take their sample with power at customers sites for compliance audits.  It can also be powered with batteries so at remote sites, you can still cool the sample without ice."

Anywhere you need advanced sampling capability combined with data logging and remote communications for flow, rainfall, and water quality parameters, the BLZZRD is the ideal solution.  It is also used in the following applications:

  • Stormwater Runoff Compliance
  • TMDL and Watershed Monitoring
  • Enforcement Monitoring. 

Some unique features of the BLZZRD Portable Refrigerated Sampler include:

  • Refrigeration – When sampling for BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) or living biologicals (e.g. SARS-Cov 2 Virus) in extreme heat environments, it is critical to keep samples at the right temperature or they can die before samples reaches the lab. Most portable samplers use ice to cool samples, but samples must be collected in a short time period before the ice melts. This refrigerated design allows samples to be kept at a desired temperature for an extended period and can be collected when convenient.
  • Power Supply - BLZZRD can be used with battery or AC/DC line power.
    •  Battery power allows the sampler to be deployed to remote locations such as streams and drainage canals. It can be easily moved from site to site for quick sampling or short-term studies. Solar panels can be used to recharge batteries for long-term studies in remote locations.
    • AC line power allows the sampler to be positioned indefinitely in one location if desired.
    • When AC line power and battery are used simultaneously, power to unit will automatically switch to battery during power outage, protecting sample integrity.
  • Mobility Cart – This removable kit provides wheels and handles to make it easier for one person to move around, even with bottles with full water samples.

The BLZZRD Portable Refrigerated Sampler is just one of Teledyne ISCO's many products that are available for your application.