Teledyne ISCO debuts new water and wastewater area velocity sensor for use in hazardous locations


​​Teledyne ISCO debuts new water and wastewater area velocity sensor for use in hazardous locations

Company's TIENet® 350 Ex AV sensor features multiple improvements over predecessor, remarkably at the same price

350EX-Sensor-Floor-Web.pngLINCOLN, Neb.—Feb. 28, 2022—Teledyne ISCO today released its new, intrinsically safe TIENet® 350 Ex area velocity sensor, certified for both hazardous and non-hazardous location flow measurement in water and wastewater applications and featuring a more robust design and materials than its non-certified predecessor, all at the same price.

“Teledyne ISCO is a world-wide leader in the development, design and manufacture of highly specialized water and wastewater measurement and analysis equipment, and the TIENet 350 Ex is the latest example of the innovation and customer-focused, cost-conscious way we operate everywhere you look around the globe," said Kaushal Trivedi, Business Development Manager, Teledyne ISCO - Water Platform.

The intrinsically safe TIENet 350 Ex sensor is certified for use in areas classified as Class I, Div1, Zone 0, Category 1G, Ex ia IIB T4 Ga. When used with a Teledyne ISCO Signature® barrier, the TIENet 350 Ex can also serve in hazardous areas as a standalone flow measurement sensor. The TIENet 350 Ex is compatible with all current sensor mountings found on Teledyne ISCO equipment and can meet a user's need for surcharge flow measurement when using the company's LaserFlow® Ex sensor in a hazardous area.

The new sensor features a more robust internal design, additional sealing, and conformal coating of the circuit boards than the previous generation. Beyond intrinsic safety, the sensor casing is sturdier and overall measurement performance is improved. The TIENet 350 Ex is housed in a PVDF casing, which is much stronger and more chemically resistant than that used previously. In addition, the ultrasonic crystal mount was redesigned to improve signal-to-noise ratio.

“Considering its many benefits, the TIENet 350 Ex is the practical choice for anyone wanting to use an area velocity sensor in either hazardous or non-hazardous locations," Trivedi said. “It's sure to be the go-to for users seeking exact readings, dependable construction and best-in-class customer support, all at a competitive price."


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