Teledyne ISCO announces the release of its ACCQPrep SFC


​​​​​​​​Teledyne ISCO, today announced the release of ACCQPrep SFC, expanding upon the success of the ACCQPrep line to now include Su​percritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) applications. Combining the time and solvent saved by SFC, and being designed with ease of purification in mind, the user-friendly system greatly simplifies prep run setups as compared to other systems. “ACCQPrep SFC is the only system on the market to offer bulk collection from stacked injections and multi-sample, open-access collection in one unit," stated Ruth Cacek, Global Sales Manager, Teledyne Pharma. The standalone platform is controlled by integrated software with a 15-inch interface, eliminating the need for a separate PC. Combined with other space-saving innovations, this has produced the smallest footprint SFC on the market today.

The robust pumping system at the core of the ACCQPrep SFC is paired with an integrated mass-flow controller f​or accurate CO2 delivery. Samples are collected with greater than 95% recovery on the open-bed SFC (with optional AutoSampler) at all flow rates up to 200 mL/min. The patented Gas-Liquid Separator minimizes carryover to allow for greater flexibility between applications. ACCQPrep SFC allows cosolvent compositions up to 70%, enabling elution of more polar compounds, as compared to competing systems.

The reduced environmental impact of the ACCQPrep SFC is a critical design feature according to Keith Hamman, Vice President and General Manager, Teledyne Pharma. “As technology providers, we have a duty to develop eco-friendly products that minimize the impact to our planet. Preparative chromatography consumes large volumes of solvents to purify compounds of interest and not only are these solvents hazardous to handle, but disposal and remediation can be hazardous to our planet. The ACCQPrep SFC offers a much greener solution by reducing solvent use by up to 90% while increasing chemist efficiency by reducing the evaporation step."

Further productivity im​​​​​​​​provements are provided by PeakTrak software, with its interactive stacked injection guide for automated method development and visual simulation of the stacked injection method from an initial isocratic run. Large quantities of sample material are purified quickly by inserting additional injections into the time between the injection and elution of a target compound for near-continuous operation.

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