Teledyne ISCO announces the release of its ACCQPrep HP125


​​August 22, 2016

Teledyne ISCO today announced the worldwide release of its breakout High Pressure Preparative Liquid Chromatography (HPPLC) produ​ct, the ACCQPrep HP125. This simplified system is the solution to the unnecessary complexity found in many of the HPPLC systems on the market today.​​

The ACCQPrep HP125 utilizes PeakTrak®, the intuitive software package which drives Teledyne ISCO's popular CombiFlash® product line, while an integrated touch screen interface allows users to access the system controls directly at the unit. This preparative chromatography system supports flow rates from 1 to 125 mL/min and operation pressures up to 6000 psi without swapping pump heads.

Additionally, the ACCQPrep HP125 employs the same active solvent and waste level monitoring found on Teledyne ISCO's CombiFlash product line in order to reduce the risk of solvent spills. Ron Lewis, Teledyne ISCO's product marketing manager, states, "Our goal in developing the ACCQPrep HP125 was clear from the beginning-simplify without compromise. We built a system that reduces complexity while leaving the user in complete control."

The ACCQPrep HP125 supports Teledyne ISCO's recently released Automation Modules: the AutoInjector, AutoSampler, and Column Selector. These modules unburden users from some of the mundane tasks involved with preparative chromatography and can be used independently or in conjunction with one another for even more automated control.

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