Teledyne ISCO Presents the New 30D Syringe Pump


​June 16, 2015 

Teledyne ISCO today announced the worldwide release of their newest D-Series Syringe Pump: the Model 30D. This latest innovation in Syrin​ge Pump technology allows users to reach and duplicate ultra-deep well conditions up to 30,000 psi. It's equipped with a patent pending seal design for precise control and standard high accuracy transducers. The 30D has everything needed for high pressure experiments.

Teledyne ISCO developers saw a need in the market for a versatile, high pressure syringe pump and thus created the 30D. A syringe pump that does not take up any excess space due to its high pressure capabilities and can be utilized for multiple applications is ideal for many users.

According to Dale Clay, Syringe Pump Product Marketing Manager, "The new 30D syringe pump combines the reliability our customers expect with the high pressure capability: When the need arises for rock core analysis or other difficult applications, some syringe pumps just cannot keep up. The 30D Syringe Pump, with its 30,000 psi pressure capabilities, even the most challenging of situations are no match. The flexibility to create single or dual pump configurations with your 30D syringe pump based on experiment requirements, adding to its tremendous value".

The 30D syringe pump is the only one in the market with a "smart key" pump controller. To operate, the users simply set the flow rate and press run. During operation, the flow rate can be adjusted without having to restart the program. This feature provides flexibility over low flow rates from sub-microliter up to 22 ml/min.

Another feature with the 30D syringe pump: its maintenance is minimal. Its single drive train has auto-lubricating gears for long life and special fittings to prevent leaks and endure maximum pressure. If maintenance is necessary, users will experience lower downtime with worldwide dealer operated service centers.

For more information on the D-Series 30D Syringe Pump, contact Dale Clay at (402) 465-2078.

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