Teledyne ISCO Launches New Line of Reciprocating Pumps


​​​​August 1, 2018

Teledyne ISCO today announced the release of a new expanded ReaXus reciprocating pump product line. The new pump series are the M1, MX, LS, LD, and PR. Each of the product series have model variations within them, totaling over 50 new products to better serve Teledyne ISCO's customer base.

The New ReaXus Product Offering:

  • M1 Series - A versatile single piston, small footprint pump series that is suitable for many applications in the Pharmaceutical, Oil/Gas/Chemical, and Plastics industries.
  • MX Series ​​- A single head pump that is capable of performing well in laboratory settings due to its low flow rates and higher pressure capabilities (up to 5,000 PSI).
  • LS Series - A single headed pump suitable for a variety of applications with its low pulsation, and higher pressure capacity (up to 6,000 PSI). The LS Series can be used in a wide range of industries, including Pharmaceuticals.
  • LD Series - A product series that provides pulse free flow through dual heads and can reach the higher pressures typically required in the Oil/Gas/Chemical industry (up to 10,000 PSI).
  • PR Series - A dual headed pump with higher flow capabilities up to 300 ml/min. Great for the Oil/Gas/Chemical industries.

"The expansion of the ReaXus product offering broadens the options that our customers have to solve their pumping needs. Teledyne ISCO has made a name for itself in the market by providing the best pump solutions for all of our customers' applications; this launch give us even more opportunity to continue that legacy," said Nick Daddabbo, Pumps Product Line Manager.

If you would like to place an order for a ReaXus pump, contact Teledyne ISCO Customer Service at 1-800-228-4373. For more information on the ReaXus product line, contact your rep or visit our website.