Teledyne ISCO Introduces the New ReaXus Reciprocating Pump


​​​February 23, 2016 

Teledyne ISCO announced today the worldwide release of their newest pump: the ReaXus Model 6010R Reciprocating Pump. For over 40 years, Teledyne ISCO has been a leader in the syringe pump market and is expanding their offerings with this reciprocating pump. ReaXus is specifically tailored for reactant feed and core flooding applications in bench scale and pilot plant setups.

"The addition of ReaXus to the line of Teledyne ISCO Pump Products allows us to more readily serve customers in the reactant feed and core flooding market," said Dale Clay, Pump Product Marketing Manager. "ReaXus is sized and priced to meet the customer's needs, while offering the high performance and reliability they've come to expect."

ReaXus is rated at pressure up to 414 bar (6,000 psi) at 10 mL/min with flow rate accuracy up to +/- 1.5%. Accuracy is improved due to the Solvent Select feature which compensates for the compressibility of various liquids. In addition, this pump has a broad range of external control capabilities, including 4-20 mA, an interactive front panel keypad with LED display for easy programming, and real time pressure feedback with user settable limits.

This low maintenance pump has a self-flushing head which significantly extends seal life and eliminates the need for an auxiliary wash pump or manual wash. Optional features include constant pressure mode as well as Hastelloy fluid path, and jacketed heads for fluid temperature control.

For more information on the ReaXus 6010R Reciprocating Pump, contact Teledyne ISCO Customer Service at 1-800-228-4373 or

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