Teledyne ISCO Announces Record Order from Kuwaiti Government for Industry-Leading Flow Monitoring Solutions


​April 4, 2018

Teledyne ISCO announced today it received the largest order in its history from the Kuwait Ministry of Public Works (MPW). Under the terms of the agreement, ISCO will be providing Kuwait MPW with a flow monitoring solution that will help the Kuwaiti MPW manage the country's wastewater reclamation system from a central control center.

“The Kuwait MPW did an extensive evaluation of commercial solutions available and we are delighted that ISCO was selected," said Vicki Benne, Teledyne ISCO Vice President and General Manager. “We believe that Kuwait MPW selected Teledyne ISCO for this project based on our well-documented expertise in monitoring water flow networks, the superior performance of our technology and our reputation as a reliable and complete equipment solutions partner. We look forward to working with the Ministry to realize a complete solution for their operational needs."

The Teledyne ISCO solution was designed to meet the Kuwait government's clear objectives of managing day to day operations, proactively planning maintenance activities, and conducting long term inflow/infiltration (I&I) and rain impact analysis. In evaluating the system, Hydrotek Engineering Company, the contractor for Kuwait MPW, demonstrated that the Teledyne ISCO technology was superior to other commercial solutions in both the quality of data recorded and in ease of installation.

“Installation and measurements inside the sewer manhole are never easy, particularly when they are at a depth of 100 feet," said Prem Kumar, Automation Division Manager for Hydrotek Engineering Company. “We sought a solution that could accurately measure the flow, even in harsh conditions, with ease of installation. Teledyne ISCO had the expertise and equipment that allowed us to achieve this."

Teledyne ISCO will provide the Kuwaiti MPW with a system that includes nearly 280 of Teledyne ISCO's industry-leading Signature® flow meters and nearly 250 LaserFlow® non-contact velocity sensors:

  • Signature flow meter systems - the Signature flow meter was selected for its multiple measurement capabilities and ability to record and transmit data, via the 4G LTE/3G modems at the site. This removes the need for multiple telemetry lines for individual instruments, resulting in site savings.
  • LaserFlow non-contact velocity sensors – the LaserFlow was selected as it is a true non-contact flow meter that measures velocity at multiple points below the water surface. It uses both non-contact Laser Doppler Velocity technology and non-contact Ultrasonic Level technology.


About Teledyne ISCO

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