Teledyne ISCO Announces EZ Prep Automation Modules


​​​​​May 3, 2016

Teledyne ISCO today announced the worldwide release of the latest enhancements to its CombiFlash EZ Prep system. These three automation modules, the AutoInjector, AutoSampler, and Column Selector, work in conjunction with the CombiFlash EZ Prep and unburden the user from some of the mundane tasks involved with preparative liquid chromatography.

"Users will realize significant labor- and time-saving benefits from these automation modules when facing the challenges of processing material faster, purifying different samples, and switching out columns," explains Ron Lewis, Teledyne ISCO's product marketing manager.

The AutoInjector module allows users to automatically perform multiple purification runs of the same sample. This means users can now purify a quantity of material greater than what could be processed on a column in a single run.

If users have a variety of samples to purify, they can incorporate the AutoSampler into their process. The AutoSampler allows users to automatically purify several different samples with multiple injections and while using different chromatographic conditions.

The Column Selector minimizes the amount of time needed to switch out columns by automatically enabling the EZ Prep to select the correct column. As an added benefit, this greatly reduces the possibility of a solvent leak due to improper column connection.

These three modules can be added to the CombiFlash EZ Prep individually or in combination with one another for even more automated control. For more information on Teledyne ISCO or the Teledyne ISCO Automated Modules, visit www.t​ or call 402-464-0231/ 800-228-4383.

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