Teledyne ISCO​ Achieves European Certifications on Pumps


​​​August 2, 2017

Teledyne ISCO recently attained third party certifications to the European Machinery Directive and the European Pressure Equipment​ Directive for its D-Series syringe pumps. We are one of the few global manufacturers obtaining these third party European certifications.

The European Pressure Equipment Directive sets the standards for the design and fabrication of pressure generally over one liter in volume and having a maximum pressure of more than 0.5 bar gauge.  The European Machinery Directive sets standards focused on design to ensure the safety of users.

“By achieving these certifications, we have strengthened our position as a premier provider of high quality, exceptionally accurate syringe pumps," explains Nick Daddabbo, Teledyne ISCO Pumps Product Line Manager.  

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