CSA Certifies Teledyne ISCO LaserFlow®​ Flow Meter to MCERTS Class 2


​​​​The Best Performance of all Non-Contact, Open-Channel Flow Meters

LaserFlow®​ certified to MCERTS Class 2 – exceeding performance of all other non-contact open-channel flow meters​


September 13, 2021 

Teledyne ISCO received Class 2 MCERTS certification for the LaserFlow® non-contact, sub-surface velocity sensing flow meter. This Class 2 certification, issued​ by the CSA under the Sira Certification Service, certifies that the LaserFlow® Flow meter is the only non-contact, area velocity, open-channel flow meter capable of this superior performance. Unlike other non-contact, open-channel flow meters that measure surface velocity, LaserFlow® Flow meter measures fluid velocity with a laser beam directed at single or multiple points below the surface of the channel or stream providing a truer representation of the actual velocity profile.​

For open-channel water and wastewater flow measurement applications in the United Kingdom requiring certification by The Environment Agency, the LaserFlow®  Flow Meter now provides users with a MCERTS Class 2 option. The Environment Agency' s MCERTS product certification scheme evaluates products according to the Environment Agency's performance standards, based on relevant CEN, ISO and national standards. Further, the MCERTS Class 2 certified LaserFlow Ex® version, with its rugged, submersible enclosure rated IP68 ingress protection, is also certified for use in hazardous areas defined as Class 1, Div 1, Zone 0 and ATEX category 1G.

LaserFlow® and LaserFlow Ex®​ flow meters are ideal for a broad range of water and wastewater applications especially where superior flow measurement performance is required. These flow meters join Teledyne ISCO's wide range of MCERTS certified open-channel flow meters and automatic samplers.

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