Teledyne ISCO debuts new DuraTracker, a flow meter like no other


​​​​​Durable construction, reliable operation and ease of use make multi-faceted DuraTracker an efficient, cost-effective addition to any flow measurement project

LINCOLN, Nebraska — May 30, 2022 — Teledyne ISCO, world leader in water and wastewater flow measurement and automated sampling for 50 years, today released its new DuraTracker®, a flow meter that logs flow data with more features at a greater value than related products, especially when multiple sensor connections and communication with a cell phone are required.

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DuraTracker's two-way communication works directly through a connection to a USB port using off-the-shelf cable, remotely using Bluetooth to avoid entering hard-to-reach areas or where safety is a concern, or using the available cell phone modem to alleviate site visits all together, thereby saving time and money.

“DuraTracker is flow measurement made easy, with low-cost, efficient operation, room to attach multiple devices and intelligent options for communicating data to the user," said Kaushal Trivedi, Teledyne ISCO Water Platform Business Development Manager. “It's a versatile flow meter like no other and ideal for many flow applications."

DuraTracker offers several useful features, many of them found nowhere else:

  • TIENet®: DuraTracker is built on a TIENet (Teledyne ISCO Environmental Network) platform that allows for plug-and-play sensors. With two available TIENet connectors, it can be used in applications that require measurement with single, redundant, or multiple flow measurements. By interfacing with TIENet 301 pH, DuraTracker can also be used as a pH logger.
  • Power: DuraTracker is available in two versions – with and without battery box.
    • DuraTracker without battery box can be operated using a 7-28 V DC power source or solar panel.   
    • DuraTracker with battery box has two battery compartments. Each compartment can accommodate two off-the-shelf lantern batteries or eight alkaline D cells. For low temperature applications, four ISCO lithium thionyl chloride D cells are called for. To double the battery life to reduce site visits, an additional set of batteries can be installed in the second compartment. After depletion of batteries in the first compartment, power is automatically switched to batteries in the second compartment.
  • DuraTracker is field upgradable and repairable. The DuraTracker enclosure can be opened in the field to replace circuit boards, install a cell phone modem, or replace a SIM card.
  • For intrinsically safe applications, approved Teledyne ISCO flow sensors — TIENet 310 Ex, TIENet 350 Ex, and TIENet 360 Ex — can be installed in the non-safe area and connected using a TIENet barrier to a DuraTracker installed in a safe area.

“Durability, accuracy and reliability are built into every Teledyne ISCO product," Trivedi said. “The DuraTracker received the same stringent testing that all Teledyne equipment receives, and we're confident it will quickly become the market leader in flow meter logging technology."

Teledyne ISCO's new flow ​meter was formally launched today at the IFAT exhibition in Munich and is now available through the Teledyne ISCO sales team and product representatives/distributors worldwide. “IFAT is described as the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, making it an appropriate venue to debut a great new product like the DuraTracker," Trivedi said.

A data sheet and other materials are on Teledyne ISCO's website under the Water and Wastewater tab at Contact information for the Teledyne ISCO team and product representatives/distributors worldwide is available by clicking “Find You​r Rep“ below the search bar in the upper right corner of the page.​

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