The kit consists of three parts:

  •  Mixer

    • Pump mounted mixer used for moving slurries and viscous fluids along while keeping fluids in suspension.

      • Powered by an air driven motor with speeds up to 1700 rpm

      • Designed for the 500D and 1000D syringe pumps

      • Impeller specifically designed to work with Teledyne ISCO Pumps

  • Adaptor Package

    • Contains components to attach a mixer to the pump and includes mixer paddles designed exclusively for use with Teledyne ISCO Pumps.

  • Pump Package with Plug

    • Special syringe pump cylinder cap with opening for mixer installation (factory installation available when purchased with pumps. A plug is provided for the opening when mixer is not installed​

​For a full list of product specifications, see the datasheet.


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