​This kit consists of most common replacement parts and the tools required to install them.

Package contents

  • Cylinder cap seal

  • Shear key

  • Shear key installation tool

  • Replacement motor brush spring

  • Fuses

  • Label

  • Piston seals

  • Male tube connector

  • Pipe plug

  • Wrench Package:

    • Cylinder clamp

    • Socket screw key, (1/4 hex)

    • Open-end wrench, (3 1/4)

    • Open-end wrench, (3 3/4)

    • Piston wrench​

​These kits consist of the drivers necessary to operate Teledyne ISCO Syringe Pumps with LabVIEW™ software for Windows. The LabVIEW program is not included, and must be purchased separately from National Instruments.

​Teledyne ISCO carries a wide variety of seals to fit almost any application; virgin Teflon for corrosive fluids, heavy-duty reinforced for slurries and viscous fluids, high temperature, and UHMW polyethylene. Your choice of seals can be ordered factory-installed in your pump system.

Standard Features

  • General use / CO2 - Black, Graphite filled PTFE

  • High temperature - Black, Graphite fiber PTFE

  • Low pressure - Black, Graphite filled PTFE, single point contact

  • Aqueous solutions - White, UHMW Polyethylene

  • Ammonia (NH3) / Nitric Acid - White, Virgin teflon​