​RediSep Rf Gold® Normal-Phase Silica

High-performance spherical media for sharper peaks and faster purifications

Chemists choose our RediSep Rf Gold columns to take advantage of its patented silica media. Among these advantages are: outstanding resolution to purify closely eluting compounds and isomers; faster purification runs to save time and solvent; reduced purification times to preserve silica-sensitive compounds; and more concentrated fractions to reduce post-run solvent evaporation time.


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Standard Features

  • High flow rates for fast purification of target compounds
  • Low back pressure
  • Reliable, consistent performance from automated precision packing
  • Column sizes available for purifying milligrams to several grams
  • RFID technology for automatic set up on compatible instruments
  • Fits all ISCO CombiFlash automated organic purification instruments
  • Eliminates health hazard from inhaling silica gel dust
  • Long shelf life in airtight, resealable packages. Available in bulk discounted quantities
  • Luer lock end fittings


RediSep Rf Gold Normal Phase Silica Flash Columns

Column Type: Single use, disposable
Average Particle Size: 20 to 40 microns
Average Pore Size: 60 angstroms

Catalog Numbers

4 gram, package of 14: 69-2203-344
12 gram, package of 14: 69-2203-345
24 grams, package of 10: 69-2203-346
40 gram, package of 10: 69-2203-347
80 gram, package of 6: 69-2203-348
120 gram, package of 6: 69-2203-349
220 gram, package of 4: 69-2203-359
330 gram, package of 3: 69-2203-369
750 gram, package of 3: 69-2203-427
1500 gram, package of 2: 69-2203-428
​3000 gram, package of 1:



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