​RediSep Rf Gold® Cyano

Versatile, intermediate polarity media

RediSep Rf Gold Cyano high performance columns have a cyano bound silica gel that has an intermediate polarity, between that of normal and reversed phase silica gel. This makes them a versatile tool for separation.

RediSep Rf Gold Cyano columns, when used in normal phase conditions, will perform comparably to RediSep Rf Gold normal phase silica gel using similar solvents. In reversed phase conditions, performance is similar to RediSep Rf Gold C18 Reversed-phase columns, although the elution order of compounds may be different. In summary, RediSep Rf Gold Cyano columns are a useful alternative purification media.


Purification of Delicate Compounds with RediSep Rf Gold Diol and Cyano ColumnsApp Note
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RediSep Cyano 15g Column Care GuideInstruction Sheet
RediSep Cyano 5g Column Care GuideInstruction Sheet
Advanced Topics for Use of RediSep Specialty Media Columns PosterPoster/Paper


Standard Features

  • High flow rates for fast resolution of target compounds
  • Column sizes available for purifying milligrams to several grams
  • RFID technology for automatic set up on compatible instruments
  • Fits all ISCO CombiFlash automated organic purification instruments
  • Long shelf life in airtight, resealable packages
  • Luer lock end fittings


RediSep Rf Gold Cyano Columns

Type: Reusable
Average Particle Size: 20 to 40 microns, spherical
Average Pore Size: 100 angstroms

Catalog numbers

5.5 gram, package of 2: 69-2203-494
15.5 gram, package of 1: 69-2203-495
30 gram, package of 1: 69-2203-496
50 gram, package of 1: 69-2203-497
100 gram, package of 1: 69-2203-498
150 gram, package of 1: 69-2203-499
275 gram, package of 1: 69-2203-500
415 gram, package of 1: 69-2203-501
950 gram, package of 1: 69-2203-502
1900 gram, package of 1: 69-2203-503



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