ACCQPrep HP 150ACCQPrep®​​​ SFC

Green Preparative SFC: Chiral or Achiral
Separations in a Single, Compact S​​olution​

The ACCQPrep®​ SFC is a compact system that simplifies method complexity and ensures successful separations for users of all experience levels. As the only system to enable both bulk collection from stacked injections, and multi-sample, open-access with an optional SFC AutoSampler (2x2 or 4x2), the ACCQPrep SFC offers versatility without limitations; all in the smallest Prep SFC footprint on the market.

Stacked injections increase throughput by performing additional injections, while compounds from previous injections elute. The PeakTrak® software’s Stacked Injection Wizard intelligently determines cycle time and fraction collection settings, automatically suggests “time windows” for collection of desired peaks, and injection simulation assists the user in visualizing the effect of method modifications.

Because the dynamic nature of supercritical CO2 requires accurate flow control and back pressure regulation, the ACCQPrep SFC has a robust CO2 pumping system paired with an advanced mass-flow controller and automated backpressure regulation. Prior to fraction and waste collection, the patented Gas-Liquid Separator (GLS) minimizes carryover, resists clogging, and permits high cosolvent flow. Finally, a standard fractionation valve sorts collection into up to eight vessels or output to 2x2 or 4x2 SFC AutoSampler for full open-bed
fraction collection with >95% recovery up to 200 mL/min.

The ACCQPrep SFC’s simple PeakTrak software interface is navigated via a high-resolution, integrated 15” touchscreen. Method setup includes gradient, temperature, and backpressure parameters, while the software automatically determines GLS and fraction collection delay settings based on cosolvent composition. Because achieving the most efficient purification is essential, the software’s Focused Gradient Generator creates an optimized gradient profile focused on the elution of the compound of interest. Additional practical software features include solvent level monitoring to prevent ruined separations, waste level sensing to prevent overflows and AutoSampler recognized RFID collection racks to eliminate missed or overfilled test tubes.​


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ACCQPrep SFC DataSheetDatasheet
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​​​ACCQ​Prep​​​ SFC System

​Flow Rate Range
​50-200 mL/min
Gradient Linearity​
+/- 1%
​System Co-Solvent Range
​System Backpressure Range
​100-160 bar
​Maximum System Operating Pressure
​414 bar
​Column Selector Valve

​Standard; 6 columns
(2 or 3 cm x 25 cm or less)
​Column Oven (Temp range)
​Standard (+5 °C above ambient to 70 °C)

​CO2 Inlet Pressure

​55-140 bar (3-10 °C)
​Flow Rate Range

​20-200 g/min
​Flow Rate Range

0.5-165 mL/min​
​Number of Co-Solvents

​4 Co-Solvent Inlets
​GLS Makeup Pump
​Standard; Automated up to 5 mL/min

Standard 5 mL syringe, Allows multiple injections from a single vessel​
​Sample Injection

​Modifier Stream Injection via Sample Loop  (5 mL standard); other sizes may be installed 
and configured on the system
​Stacked Injection Capability

​Detector Options

Variable UV  PDA (200-400 nm) or Variable UV-VIs PDA (200-800 nm)​

​Fractionation Valve

​Standard; up to 8 user containers
​Fraction Pooling Ability

​Open Bed Fraction Collector

​Optional with ACCQPrep SFC 2x2 or 4x2 AutoSampler
​Integrated Screen & Processor

​15” High Res Touchscreen ; Internal CPU; Linux Redhat

​Gradient Optimization

​Standard; Focused Gradient Generator
​Stacked Injection Wizard

​Scale Up Wizard
​Active Cosolvent and Waste Level Sensing

​RFID Rack Sensing

​Standard with ACCQPrep SFC 2x2 or 4x2 AutoSampler​

​Component Dimensions 
(cm W x D x H) 

Base ACCQPrep SFC:  41 x 56 x 73​
​SFC AS 2x2:   34 x 56 x 66  w/enclosure:  40 x 69 x 76
SFC AS 4x2:   58 x 56 x 66  w/enclosure:  64 x 69 x 76

​Total System Benchtop Dimensions (cm W x D)​

​ACCQPrep SFC w/SFC AS 2x2 Enclosure: 81 x 69
ACCQPrep SFC w/SFC AS 4x2 Enclosure: 115 x 69​

For a full list of product specifications, see the datasheet.



Green Chromatography

CO2 is affordable, environmentally friendly and reduces “strong” solvent use by up to 95%

Ultra Compact

Do more in less space with a smaller footprint than competing systems


PeakTrak® software removes the complexity of method development

Standard Features:
  • Flow rates from 50 to 200 mL/min for use of 2 and 3 cm columns

  • Four different cosolvent options with composition from 5 to 70% for elution of more polar c​ompounds than other systems

  • Column oven with selection valve for up to six columns

  • Autoinjector to enable multiple injections of a single sample or stacked injection workflow

  • Choice of UV or UV-Vis PDA detectors standard