Powerful Focus Gradient Generator software for flash chromatography is now standard on Teledyne ISCO’s CombiFlash® NextGen


​A new feature of the company's PeakTrak® software, always free to download.

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A Focus Gradient Generator for flash chromatography is now standard on Teledyne ISCO's CombiFlash NextGen chromatography instruments and available as a free download for previously purchased systems. This new feature for CombiFlash NextGen is included in the latest release of Teledyne ISCO's easy-to-use PeakTrak® software, available h​ere. Just click CombiFLash Next Gen, then NextGen Update V5.1.7.

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“The Focus Gradient Generator delivers optimized, predictive preparative method development for flash ​​chromatography using the results of a scouting run," said Joshua Lovell, ISCO's product line manager—pharma R&D products. “It's a tool that makes calculations fast and easy, eliminating the need to run multiple TLCs with different mobile phase concentrations. The Focus Gradient Generator makes using TLC plates for flash obsolete."

Combined with a Teledyne ISCO PurIon™ mass spectrometer, the system designates which peak represents your compound of interest to optimize the method around; no guessing which spot is the target material.

The Focus Gradient Generator proved its value on Teledyne ISCO's ACCQPrep® chromatography system. The Focus​ Gradient Generator makes the CombiFlash even more desirable by ensuring successful purification the first time.  “Give your lab a huge boost in efficiency by taking the guesswork out of flash chromatography," Lovell said.

More information can be found in Teledyne ISCO's Technical Notes #62 (Reverse Phase Flash Method Development using analytical LC systems) and #65 (Flash Method Development in a Flash). Find information on Teledyne ISCO's full range of chromatography systems at www.teledyneisco.com.​​​​​​​​