Flowlink 5.1 Software

Teledyne ISCO Flowlink Software uses the power of Microsoft Windows® to streamline your flow monitoring program, allowing you to conduct advanced studies and generate sophisticated reports. Use Flowlink to set up and retrieve data from your Teledyne ISCO 2100 Series Flow Modules, 4100 Series Flow Loggers, 4200 Series Flow Meters, and 675 Logging Rain Gauges... Read More

Flowlink Pro Software

Flowlink Pro is a server/client package for municipalities and service providers who manage multi-site wastewater flow monitoring networks. In addition to providing the advanced analytical and site management tools of Teledyne ISCO's Flowlink 5 Software, Flowlink Pro meets large-enterprise needs for information delivery, database connect​ivity, and web-based data access... Read More

Flowlink Global Software

Flowlink Global is a Web User Interface (Web UI) to monitor the data and site conditions for your flow monitoring programs. While Flowlink configures devices and analyzes site data, Flowlink Global provides an easy-access portal that enables the user to view, organize, report and export site and device data. However, Flowlink Global is not just about passive viewing... Read More

 Flowlink Cipher​

Flowlink Cipher represents the latest advancement in Teledyne ISCO's Flowlink series of data management solutions. Now an advanced cloud-based solution, Flowlink Cipher allows site managers to view and manage all data at multiple sites through an easy-to-use and powerful browser-based user interface... Read More​​​